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Distance Learning

Step into the world of Light Touch Academy

where we are fueled by a passion for education and dedicated to crafting personalized study programs that cater to your unique learning journey. With a track record of successfully graduating over 1000 students, our courses are the result of our extensive expertise, providing a solid foundation for your educational pursuits.

We believe in tailoring our approach to each individual student, ensuring an exceptional learning experience that sets us apart. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional seeking guidance, our courses cater to all levels of skill. If you're unsure where to start or facing challenges with established techniques, rest assured that our team at Light Touch is equipped to offer expert guidance.

​​At Light Touch Academy, our team of esteemed instructors offers a wide range of specialized courses, from permanent makeup to lash lift and tint. We also cover scar and stretch mark camouflage, tiny tattoo, eyelash extensions, facials, microneedling and more.

Come join us as we continuously evolve and expand. We can't wait to have YOU as a valued student!

About Us
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Course Instructors

Meet our expert instructors for the courses we are offering!

Sveta - Senior Instructor

With the valuable certifications she earned from prestigious European instructors, Sveta now shares her expertise in Canada with a fresh and innovative perspective. By incorporating her training and unique approach, she strives to guarantee that her technicians continuously pursue education by actively taking part in various courses and masterclasses in order to expand their skill set!

Yana - Tiny Tattoo Instructor

Yana became a certified tattoo artist three years ago, after completing extensive training in Europe. Her dedication to constantly improving her skills has led her to help aspiring tattoo artists through sharing her extensive experience. Yana is highly regarded for her perfectionism in tattooing, and she takes great care to guide her students with meticulous attention to detail. She strives for excellence in every aspect of the art form, ensuring that her students receive nothing but the best guidance.

Suzanna - Skincare Instructor

Allow us to introduce Suzanna, our highly regarded skincare instructor with a proven track record of 3 years in the industry. With her serene and encouraging personality and extensive expertise, Suzanna is a trusted authority in skincare. She consistently exceeds expectations, holding multiple certifications in the field. Suzanna guarantees students receive a cutting-edge and thorough education in this ever-evolving field.

Natasha - Lash Extensions and Nail Art Instructor

Driven by a burning passion, Natasha transformed her career from Marketing to become a Certified Nail & Lash Technician. With 5+ years of hands-on experience, she has mastered the art of delivering exquisite, luxurious nail and lash services, as well as, running a profitable business. I specialize in captivating hand-painted character nail art and all styles of lashing.