Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Training

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Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Training
Are you a beauty professional eager to expand your skills and meet the growing demand for Permanent Makeup Removal services? Welcome to the Rejuvi Removal Training, your premier destination for mastering the art and science of permanent makeup removal. Held in Edmonton, with occasional sessions in Kelowna and Calgary, this 1-day intensive program is designed to equip you with the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic field of permanent cosmetics tattoo removal.

Advantages of Our Removal Training

Specialized Learning

Our one-day permanent make up  Removal Course exclusively focuses on permanent makeup removal, allowing you to become a specialist in this high-demand field. By mastering this unique technique, you will gain a valuable skill for correcting mistakes made by other artists or rectifying your own errors.

Complete Training

Our program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of permanent make-up  removal, including treatment planning, techniques, and post-care, ensuring you’re well-rounded and well-prepared.

Business Growth

Given the increasing demand for permanent make up  removal services, mastering this skill will substantially enhance your business prospects, drawing a wider clientele.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the completion of the course. Enjoy constant guidance and support from our experienced instructor, empowering you to navigate challenges and continue refining your skills long after the training is complete.


Edmonton Training Fee $900+GST
Calgary, Kelowna Training Fee $1100+GST
Kit Optional at $400

Kit Includes:

  • Rejuvi Tattoo Removal (10g)
  • Rejuvi Super Soothing Cream (60g)

BONUS: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM MATERIALS (which includes 41 ways to gain and retain clients)


Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your skill set and provide the remarkable benefits of permanent make up removal to your clients. Join our Rejuvi PM Removal Training in Edmonton today!

Enroll now by email or call 587-710-9245.



Trainings Schedule

  • April 23