Nano Eyebrows Training

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Nano Eyebrows Training Course

Nano Eyebrows Training

3-days course

DAY 1 - Scar Camouflage

Theory Session

Dive into the principles and techniques of scar camouflage from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Come learn about Nano Eyebrows (so-called Nanoblading) in just 3 days at the best permanent makeup studio and school in Edmonton!

Our experienced instructor Sveta Murdock will show you everything you need to know about nano eyebrows, including the newest methods and styles.


3-Days Training: $2500 + set of pigments

Kit is optional for purchase at $700; machine extra at $300

Course Breakdown

1-day: Theory + practice on artifical skin

2-day: Demo + 1-st practice model

3-day: 2 practice models

1-day Training: $2500 + set of pigments

3-Days Training: $2500 + set of pigments

3-Days Training: $2500 + set of pigments

Don’t pass up this chance to improve your skills and move forward in your career. Enroll now and become a nano eyebrows pro!

For inquiries and registration, contact us at 587-710-9245 or email us at

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Trainings Schedule

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