Hybrid Permanent Makeup 3-in-1 Training

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Hybrid Permanent Makeup 3-in-1 Training

This training is perfect for students from Kelowna and Calgary who would like to take a new career path! With the help of our skilled instructor, studio owner, you will learn permanent makeup procedures in a hybrid way.

Course outline:

Day 1: Theory, 3 hour ZOOM call, mat practice
Day 2: Demonstration model + Practice model for lips blush
Day 3: Demonstration model + Practice model for powdered ombre eyebrows
Day 4: Demonstration model + Practice model for permanent eyeliner

Key Features

Powdered Ombre Brows Training

Explore the advanced technique of powdered ombre brows, in higher demand than traditional microblading, with a focus on European techniques and eyebrow mapping.

Lips Blush

Master the application of lip color enhancement, learning unique techniques of lips blush and permanent lip color.

Permanent Eyeliner

Discover the art of eyeliner tattooing, from classic to shading style (depending on student’s level), with emphasis on proper hand placement and stretch for optimal results.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Professional Instructors

Learn from the best in the industry, with experienced technicians guiding you every step of the way.

Flexible Learning

Access online modules at your convenience, complemented by hands-on practice in our in-person sessions.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to online modules, ensuring continuous learning and reference throughout your career.

For Any Level

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced technician, our course is tailored to meet your individual needs and skill level.

Starter Kit and Wireless Machine Included

Receive a comprehensive starter kit, equipped with everything you need to kickstart your career in permanent makeup.

    We prioritize your future success, and that is why we provide an exclusive opportunity for you to retake the same course free of charge whenever you feel the need. Your confidence matters to us, and if you find yourself not entirely comfortable working independently, remember that our course runs every month.

    Feel free to reach out and join another session to reinforce your skills and knowledge within a supportive learning environment. Your success is our priority, and we are here to help you thrive in your career!

    BONUS: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM MATERIALS (which includes 41 ways to gain and retain clients)


    $3999 + GST (pigments and machine included)


    Certificates will be awarded upon completion.

    Join us and train with the best and most experienced technicians in the industry. Elevate your expertise in permanent makeup and unlock the potential to create stunning, long-lasting results.

    Enroll now by email admin@lighttouchstudio.ca or call 587-710-9245.



    For full registration at Light Touch Academy, a deposit must be paid within 24 hours of signing the Student Contract.

    If You have any questions, please call 587-710-9245.

    Trainings Schedule

    • June 24-29, Edmonton
    • July 24-30, Edmonton
    • August 21-27, Edmonton
    • September 25 – October 1, Edmonton
    • October 23-29, Edmonton

    About Hybrid Permanent Makeup

    Hybrid permanent makeup combines different techniques to achieve more natural and customizable results, particularly in procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Here’s a detailed look at what hybrid permanent makeup entails:

    Hybrid Permanent Makeup Techniques

    1. Hybrid Brows:

      • Combination of Microblading and Shading:
        • Microblading: Fine, hair-like strokes are created using a manual tool with tiny needles, mimicking natural eyebrow hairs.
        • Shading (or Powder Brow): A machine is used to create a soft, powdered effect behind the hair strokes, adding depth and dimension.
      • Purpose: This technique provides a more natural and fuller look, combining the realism of microblading with the density of shading.
    2. Hybrid Eyeliner:

      • Combination of Classic and Shaded Eyeliner:
        • Classic Eyeliner: A solid line is applied along the lash line.
        • Shaded Eyeliner: Soft shading is added above the line to create a gradient or smoky effect.
      • Purpose: Enhances the eyes with a more dramatic and sophisticated look, suitable for various styles from subtle to bold.
    3. Hybrid Lips:

      • Combination of Lip Liner and Lip Blushing:
        • Lip Liner: A defined line is created around the edges of the lips.
        • Lip Blushing: The inner part of the lips is shaded to create a gradient effect, enhancing the natural color and shape.
      • Purpose: Achieves fuller, more defined lips with a natural tint, blending the definition of a lip liner with the softness of blushing.

    Benefits of Hybrid Permanent Makeup

    • Natural Appearance: The combination of techniques creates a more natural and realistic look.
    • Customization: Allows for greater customization to match the client’s desired look and facial features.
    • Enhanced Dimension: Adds depth and dimension, making the features appear more lifelike.


    • Cost: Hybrid techniques can be more expensive due to the complexity and time required.
    • Skill Level: Requires a skilled and experienced practitioner proficient in multiple techniques.
    • Longevity: Typically lasts 1-3 years for brows, 1-5 years for eyeliner, and 2-5 years for lips, depending on skin type and aftercare.


    • Follow Standard Aftercare: Similar to traditional permanent makeup, keeping the area dry and avoiding makeup, sun exposure, and excessive moisture is crucial during healing.
    • Touch-Ups: May be needed to maintain the desired look as pigment can fade over time.

    Choosing a Practitioner

    • Experience in Hybrid Techniques: Ensure the practitioner has specific experience and training in hybrid permanent makeup.
    • Portfolio Review: Look at before and after photos of hybrid procedures to assess the quality and style.
    • Consultation: Discuss your goals and any concerns with the practitioner to ensure you’re on the same page about the desired outcome.

    Potential Risks

    • Healing Variations: Different parts of the treated area may heal at different rates, requiring careful monitoring and aftercare.
    • Color Retention: The hybrid technique might involve different pigments that could fade unevenly, necessitating touch-ups.
    • Allergic Reactions: As with all permanent makeup, a patch test is recommended to check for any adverse reactions to the pigments used.