Henna Eyebrows Design Training (ONLINE)

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Henna Eyebrows Design Training

Are you a beauty enthusiast with a flair for creativity? Our one-day Henna Eyebrows Design Training in Edmonton provides the canvas for mastering the captivating art of henna eyebrow design. Let’s explore the unique journey our course offers, the advantages of acquiring this skill, and how you can enroll to embark on this creative endeavor.

Embrace the Art of Henna Eyebrows Design

Henna Eyebrows Design Training reveals the captivating world of henna, where you’ll master the art of crafting intricate and stunning eyebrow designs. Our course takes you on a journey through henna application techniques, eyebrow architecture and principles, and practical experience, ensuring you become a proficient artist in this field.

Why Choose Our Henna Eyebrows Design Training?

Specialized Expertise

Our intensive one-day Henna Eyebrows Course is exclusively dedicated to henna eyebrow design, allowing you to specialize and stand out in the beauty industry.

Holistic Learning

Our comprehensive curriculum covers the intricacies of henna application and empowers you to create customized eyebrow designs that enhance individual features.

Business Potential

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to offer in-demand henna eyebrow design services, attracting clients seeking artistic enhancements.

Convenient Location

We have a pleasure to offer an online training for Henna Architecture, allowing you to learn from any part of the world and get on board of eyebrows specialists. 

For in person training, our facility is strategically located at 101 – 1803 91 Street SW Edmonton AB T6X 0W8, providing easy access to aspiring beauty professionals in the Edmonton area.

Enroll Today and Ignite Your Creative Journey

Course Duration

Our one-day Henna Eyebrows Design Training offers a condensed learning experience, allowing you to swiftly acquire the skills needed to excel in this expressive art form.

Guidance from Experts

Learn from seasoned professionals who have perfected their craft in henna eyebrow design techniques.


Upon successful completion of  our course, you’ll receive certification, giving you the confidence to offer henna eyebrow design services.

Invest in Your Artistry

Enrolling in our Henna Eyebrows Design Training is an investment in your creative abilities, opening doors to a world of artistic opportunities in the beauty industry.




How to get started?

Simply add the training to your cart and now click check out! Once you’ve completed checkout, the link to the training materials will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Your kit and certificate will also be shipped out. Once you receive these products you’re all ready to go!