Advanced Technician Training

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Advanced Technician Training

If you’re a practicing permanent makeup technician eager to advance your skills, our specialized Training for Advanced Technicians is tailored for you. Located at 101 – 1803 91 Street SW, Edmonton AB T6X 0W8, our comprehensive training program is your gateway to enchanting your expertise in the world of permanent makeup.

About Our Training for Advanced Technicians

Our Training for Advanced Technicians is meticulously tailored for practicing permanent makeup technicians. Here’s what sets our program apart:

Advanced Techniques

Immerse yourself in advanced permanent makeup techniques that will distinguish you in the industry.

Hands-On Experience

Practice your skills by working with real clients under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Product Knowledge

Acquire insights into the latest products and tools in the permanent makeup industry.

Client Consultation

Develop effective client consultation strategies to better understand their needs and preferences better.

Safety and Hygiene

Make safety and hygiene a top priority in your practice, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your clients.

Why Choose Our Training

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are seasoned experts in the field, eager to share their years of experience with you.

Small Class Sizes

Enjoy personalized attention in our small class sizes, ensuring you receive the guidance you need.


Upon completing our 2-day training program, you’ll receive a certification that showcases your advanced skills.

1 zone $1500+GST/ zone (kit not included)
3 zones $1200+GST/each (kit not included), $3600+GST altogether

BONUS: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM MATERIALS (which includes 41 ways to gain and retain clients)

Certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Join us and train with the best and most experienced technicians in the industry. Elevate your expertise in permanent makeup and unlock the potential to create stunning, long-lasting results.

Enroll now by email or call 587-710-9245.



Trainings Schedule

  • May 16